With near instant Block times, FastCoin is the fastest stable released Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency. Speed of transactions is native to the coin and directly integrated into the coin's BlockChain.


Wallets are easily downloadable and users of the coin who would like to learn more are encouraged to follow us on twitter at FastcoinProject


With over 8 years of proven operation, FastCoin also has the deepest BlockChain of any Cryptocurrency, making it one of the most secure.

Find your Fastcoin transactions and wallet balances on our world class block explorer. CryptoID hosts a Fastcoin blockexporer Here.

Fastcoin's historic can be found Here.

"Fastcoin transactions are Cheetah fast."

Jane Mary, Senior Technical Advisor

Fastcoin Reborn

Fastcoin Genesis Block was generated in 2013 and mined until 2018. Mining was on pause until 2021 when community Developers joined together to overcome the previous technical limitation Fastcoin was faced with and bring new features (AuxPow) and stability to the coin.